Forest Life Nesodden

2018-20 Phase 1 Densification Plan

Project Team: Michael U. Hensel (Project Coordination), Defne Sunguro─člu Hensel, Matteo Lomaglio

Nesodden is a municipality located on a peninsula in the Oslofjord, Norway, just a short ferry ride away from the city center of Oslo. As Oslo is projected to rapidly grow in population over the next decade, it is likely that the pressure for building will be extending to neighboring municipalities such as Nesodden. Currently the municipality is still characterized by mainly single family houses, agriculture and natural areas. Our project raises the question how such a location can be densified without excessive removal of vegetation and related exposure of soil to rapid erosion, without flattening of the terrain and related massive disturbance of soil and water regimes and increasing the flood risk due to increasing precipitation, and without diminishing local ecology. In the first phase of the project we conducted extensive analyses of the terrain and ecological aspects of a larger portion of the peninsula and undertook a design study for a selected site. The design projects an increase the number of family houses but retains terrain and vegetation to a very large extent. We are now in the second phase of the project developing a more detailed plan for a selected site.

Excerpts of the terrain analysis of Nesodden.
Site analysis (left to right): terrain morphology, vegetation, slope analysis, solar radiation, sun path, surface water run-off, closest points.
Left: terrain and vegetation informed distribution of type 1 and 2 houses. Right: terrain informed circulation system.
Masterplan: terrain-specific circulation and housing type 1 and type 2 distribution
Type 1 and 2 houses